after sales services:

pashkar sanat company guarantees high quality production using modern and up-to-date accessibilities and features. All of our systems and equipments are designed and constructed using world’s latest and most efficient technologies and comply with global standards.

As the production processes develop, the need for more advanced production tools rises. pashkar sanats technicians and specialists are constantly improving the systems and focusing on the production development. Following this aim, all our systems are designed and produced precisely and profitably according to the customers’ needs. The systems are fully tested by our technicians before supplying to the market so that they would not encounter any difficulties and problems and would operate safely and efficient.

Pashkar Sanat CO, using specialist technicians in electronic and mechanic fields, provides a wide range of installation, maintenance, service and technical support. Our service and technical supports include problem analysis, consultation, design and production, installation and initiation, operator training, maintenance and information recording.

All of Pashkar Sanat machineries and systems are guaranteed by the company for 2 years starting from the production time. In case of any technical disoperation during the warranty period, the customer can contact Pashkar Sanat’’s offices using the provided telephone numbers or send his request by e-mail to and benefit from our technicians consults and advices and solve the probable difficulties and problems.

In case the problem is not solved by telephone consulting, our technical experts will be at the site in less than 48 hours to solve the problem.

Please notice that the systems and machines that are impaired by electric fluctuation or operator’s misusage such as moisture or oil penetration will not apply to warranty terms.

Also all of ESTA-OMEGA systems are guaranteed for one year after the installation and accompanied with periodical service and support. These services are freely provided by our technical experts in an arranged 45 day period.

One of the goals of this periodical services is to check the precise compliance of the systems with the workshop environment and during these visits the regarding beneficial information will be given to the customer. Following this procedure will increase the system’s shelf life to a great deal.

Also after the warranty period has expired, the customer can sign a service contract with the company. In this case the customer can submit his request by contactingPashkar sanat offices via telephone or e-mail if there’s any problem with the system. The required services will be then provided by our technical experts in less than 48 hours and financially counted according to market tariff and the terms of service and support contact.

Prior to the end of the warranty period, a notification will be sent to the customer suggesting the extension of the contract. If the customer does not apply for the extension soon after the expiration date of the warranty, the services will be provided according to higher tariff and will take a longer time.